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Hello and welcome to the first New Immigrants Network blog post! 

This is something that has been a long time coming! Why is that you ask? Well because the New Immigrants Network has been going as a networking meeting since 2011! These meetings have been helpful to well over one thousand people since inception and will continue to provide tremendous value to many more new immigrants to New Zealand for years to come! 

So why start a blog now?

Well, these meetings are held once per month and generally, there is no meeting in December or January (we need a break too!). So, realistically we can only have about 10 meetings per year. As much as it is the passion of everyone involved to help new immigrants we can only commit to a certain amount of catch-ups and coffees between meetings.


So the blog will really be there to plug this gap. To give you and others a place where you can find information on a variety of subjects that seem to come up quite often, like How does the school system work?, Should I bring my furniture to NZ? etc. We will also interview people that have made the move to NZ and are in various stages of their journey, to share some insights into what it is like to move here, what they found most challenging and tips that they can share with you. 

The website will also be used to promote any upcoming events like the New Immigrants Network networking meeting that is held once per month. We will also try to sprinkle in a couple of extra events during the year, so keep an eye out for those!

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