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Welcome To The New Immigrants Network

The New Immigrants Network was started in 2011 by Eugene van Heerden with the goal of helping new immigrants to grow their network and get settled into New Zealand. The first meeting was held at the Browns Bay Community Center and has since grown to include meetings in Hamilton and Wellington. 

The purpose of this group is to help introduce new immigrants to others to help expand their networks and if they are new to New Zealand to help them find jobs. 

Generally our monthly meetings follow one of 2 formats:

  • soap box sessions where everyone is encouraged to say who they are, what they do and if they are looking for work
  • From time to time we get speakers in on various topics that new and existing immigrants would find interesting. Some topics that have been covered are; financial immigration, wills, buying a house, KiwiSaver to name a few. 

We have some exciting additions coming to the New Immigrants Network this year. We will be adding in some social events to help people meet new people in other settings. Some of the events on the horizon are BBQs, beach days, hiking trips, networking drinks nights and many more! 

If you are a new immigrant or an expat in New Zealand we would love to see you at one of our events. 



Eugene van Heerden,

Founder of the New Immigrants Network

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What People are Saying

We have been here for a while now so not necessarily related to finding work but we still attend. It is great to meet new people that just arrive and to give some support.

I also forward friends and new arrivals CV’s to Felecia and they always go out of their way to put people in contact with others or looking out work opportunities. They give advice on how everything works in New Zealand.

What I would like to mention is that Eugene and Felecia helped us tremendously when we had a motorbike accident. They went over and above of what was expected. Eugene immediately contacted our insurance companies and got the wheels rolling.

Not only that but we got flowers, visits and emotional support.

We do also find the talks informative as it varies in topics related to us learning how things work in NZ eg, buying a house here is very different than in SA.

Thanks for keeping the meetings and for all the support.

Rachel Atkinson

I was introduced to Eugene, Felecia and Jacques after being in NZ only a month. At that stage I was still excited, confident and certain I would find a job easily based on my title in SA.

Door after door kept closing and after 3 months I had still not been successful, plenty interviews but no one would give me my gap. From my first meeting at new immigrants network it was unbelievable to see the support from everyone that attended. Not only did they go out their way to extend your network but the moral support is incredible!

Eugene and his family were my absolute rock during one the most challenging times of my life, Eugene convinced me to extend my visa and just keep trying.

While sitting having coffee with Eugene he had an idea to contact a connection, made the call right there in the coffee shop, and within minutes I was asked to send my CV and I had my interview the next few days and got the job.

I’m so blessed for their ongoing support and encouragement and if it wasn’t for Eugene networking and making that call I would be back in SA.

This group is the key to your new life in NZ, not just networking but to have that support you so dearly need in a new country.

I hope that I can be an encouragement and support to others that join seeing first hand how incredible it is supporting and helping other South Africans.

Eugene, Felecia and Jacques, how truly blessed we all are for you starting this networking and paving the sense of reassurance in new comers.

Looking forward to my new life in NZ and a long relationship with you and the networking group.

Ivandee Fichet

Our Events

Auckland Networking Meetings

This meeting is held in Browns Bay every monthly on the second last Tuesday of the month. This is the original networking group and is quite popular with people coming from all over Auckland to attend. 

Hamilton Networking Meeting

This meeting is has been held on a ad-hoc basis with the view of making this a regular event from July 2019. 

See all our up coming events here: 

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